Compare and choose the most suitable one for you!

Silver, gold or Premium, wich is all inclusive. Choose the right subscription for you. For your private or business needs – we have a car and a subscription plan for every need. It’s easy and fast, all you have to do is drive

Compare and choose the most suitable one for you!
24/7 road assistance
CASCO insurance covers losses incurred by a person in the event of vehicle damage.
with € 800 deductible
with € 400 deductible
with € 0 deductible
Moving around
across Baltics states
across Baltics states
within the European Economic Area
Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) expenses
Expenses related to technical inspection, expenses for changing the holder (starting from a 12 month period)
Paid vehicle operating tax. Vehicle operating tax is applied on a vehicle owned, held or possessed
Tyres and storage
Renti plus team will take care of the purchase, replacement and storage of seasonal tyres
Repairs of natural wear and tear and parts
We will provide the necessary repairs and replacement of parts as a result of natural wear and tear
Rental car replacement
If necessary, we will provide a replacement car

Questions about car subscriptions

Questions about car subscriptions
What does the Renti plus car subscription include?

We offer three car subscription types:

Silver – start subscription;

Gold – basic subscription;

Premium – all inclusive. Worry free.

Read more about what’s included in each subscription here.

How to choose the most suitable car subscription?

We recommend choosing the Premium subscription.


Because with this subscription you won’t have to worry about car maintenance, insurance, tyres and their storage. We will take care of everything that the car requires. All you have to do is refuel and drive.

Is it possible to change the subscription type during the subscription?

Yes, of course. For example, if you have chosen the basic Silver subscription at first, but later decide that you would like to switch to the all-inclusive Premium subscription, you can do so quite easily. Simply contact us.

Is the car allowed to leave the territory of Latvia?

Leaving the territory of Latvia is allowed with Renti plus cars. Everything depends on the subscription offer you have chosen. Driving within the European Union is allowed with the Premium subscription. Gold and Silver subscriptions can be used in the Baltic states.

Is it possible to increase the mileage included in the subscription?

Mileage can be increased by purchasing the additionally required kilometres. Click here to see more options.

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