Frequently Asked Questions

Application process

How to begin Renti plus subscription?

To begin car subscription, you have to complete a few simple steps:

1. Find a suitable car on our website

2. Choose the subscription period and type – Silver, Gold or Premium, all inclusive.

3. Fill in the contact form.

4. Complete the application and already receive the car on the same day.

What do I need to subscribe to Renti plus car?

For individuals:

You do not need any documents or applications to apply. In the application form on our website simply provide the basic data about yourself – name, surname, personal identity number and contact information. To sign the agreement, you will only need a passport or eID card and a valid category B driving licence.

For businesses: 

Businesses also do not need any additional documents or applications, when applying for a car subscription. When filling in the application form on the website, information about the company and its representative must be provided. When signing the car subscription agreement, only the passport or eID card and power of attorney will have to be presented. 

Who can apply for a Renti plus car subscription?


You can apply, if you are a citizen of the European Union with a permanent residence permit in Latvia and have reached the age of 23.


You can apply, if your company is registered in Latvia.

Where can I choose the car?

You can choose the car on our website If the selected car is not available at that moment, we will definitely offer an equivalent car.

How long does it take to review the application for a car subscription?

We review all applications within one hour. We do everything we can so that each of our customers can get on the road as quickly as possible. However, if you have any questions about the application, call +371 23177776.

Starting a subscription

How is the Renti plus subscription concluded?

The car subscription agreement can be signed remotely or in person:

1. You will be able to sign the agreement remotely with Smart ID. We will send you a link to the documents that have to be signed, and you will be able to sign them using Smart ID.

2. In person at our Customer Service Centre in Riga. We will welcome you at the Service Centre at 52 Skanstes Street, on the 2nd floor, where you will be able to sign the agreement in person.

How will I receive confirmation of the approved application?

Our staff members will contact every customer, who has filled in the application for car subscription, within one hour after the application is received. 

Who will be allowed to drive the Renti plus car?

Person with a valid category B driving licence, who is at least 23 years old, can drive the car. Persons under the age of 23 must arrange driving of the Renti Plus car in advance.

Will I be the car holder, if I subscribe for a Renti plus car?

If the agreement is concluded for a period of more than 12 months, we will indicate you as the car holder during the subscription period.

What is the commission fee for drawing up the agreement?

Administration fee depends on the term of the agreement (all prices incl. VAT)

1. For agreements from 1 to 3 months- 75 EUR

2. For agreements from 4 to 12 months- 150 EUR

3. For agreements from 13 to 36 months- 300 EUR

Administration fee will be included in the first monthly invoice.

Can I subscribe for a car, if I have financial obligations?

You can use the car subscription, if you have other financial obligations as well. In order for us to make an offer for you, please fill in the application form.

Receiving the car

Where will I be able to receive the car?

The car is handed over in Riga, at 52 Skanstes Street. It is possible to agree in advance on the delivery of the car within the territory of Latvia.

Subscription payments

What are Renti plus payment details?

Renti plus details:

VAT Reg. No. LV40203174147

Reg. No.: 40203174147

Address: 52 Skanstes Street, Riga

Bank: Citadele

Account No.: LV87PARX0021141880001

When does the monthly rent have to be paid?

The monthly rent must be paid within the term specified in the agreement. 

What if I cannot make the payment on the due date?

We understand that sometimes there may be unplanned delays in earnings. In such a case, please contact us on +371 23177776, so that we can find a mutually beneficial solution. However, please note that for each delayed day, default interest of 0.5% of the overdue payment shall be calculated in accordance with the Agreement.

Car inspection and test drives

Where can I view the cars that are displayed on the website?

All the available cars can be viewed in person in Riga, at 52 Skanstes Street, after previously booking your visit by phone: +371 23177776.

Is it possible to go on a test drive?

All the cars currently available are also available for a test drive. 

The test drive is free of charge. It is a great opportunity to try different makes and models of car manufacturers so that you can find the most suitable car for you.

To book a test drive, call +371 23177776.

Questions about car subscriptions

What does the Renti plus car subscription include?

We offer three car subscription types:

Silver – start subscription;

Gold – basic subscription;

Premium – all inclusive. Worry free.

Read more about what’s included in each subscription here.

How to choose the most suitable car subscription?

We recommend choosing the Premium subscription.


Because with this subscription you won’t have to worry about car maintenance, insurance, tyres and their storage. We will take care of everything that the car requires. All you have to do is refuel and drive.

Is it possible to change the subscription type during the subscription?

Yes, of course. For example, if you have chosen the basic Silver subscription at first, but later decide that you would like to switch to the all-inclusive Premium subscription, you can do so quite easily. Simply contact us.

Is the car allowed to leave the territory of Latvia?

Leaving the territory of Latvia is allowed with Renti plus cars. Everything depends on the subscription offer you have chosen. Driving within the European Union is allowed with the Premium subscription. Gold and Silver subscriptions can be used in the Baltic states.

Is it possible to increase the mileage included in the subscription?

Mileage can be increased by purchasing the additionally required kilometres. Click here to see more options.

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